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EP217 Adding Massive Value and Taking Massive Action to Exponentially Increase Your Success with Rod Khleif

My guest today is Rod Khleif, who many of you know through his popular podcast “Lifetime Cashflow through Real Estate Investing”, or his bestselling book “How To Create Lifetime Cashflow through Multifamily Properties”, or his many Real Estate Training & Multifamily Events that Rod personally teaches every year. 

Some of you may even remember that Rod & I both started our respective podcasts in early 2016 within weeks of each other.  In fact, we were both guests on each other’s shows with Rod appearing on episode #23 of this show, and I appeared on episode #28 of his.

But what’s shocking to realize is that even though we both started on a level playing field, Rod has completed almost twice as many podcast episodes.  While this show has over 800,000 listens, Rod’s show has ten times that many at over 8 Million!  This show has 133 ratings & reviews, Rod’s has over 1,100!

On just about every level, Rod has managed to blow away all of the competition.

Not only that, but Rod is a multiple business owner & philanthropist, has owned over 2000 homes and apartment buildings, and has built over 22 businesses worth tens of millions of dollars.

How does he do it?  What is the secret to his success.  Well I’ve been lucky enough to become friends with Rod and even joined his Multifamily Boardroom Mastermind Group, and I believe I understand why he excels on every level.  And that’s partly what we’re going to discuss today – what makes Rod tick, what is the secret to his massive success, and how can you take that secret and make it part of your own success.

Today, Rod is going to take us through his goal-setting process, share how and why he insists on adding massive value, and discuss how he's pushed past his own self-limiting beliefs.  If you're looking for a huge boost to your mindset then this is the episode you want to listen to.

Rod is also sharing a $100 discount on his MultiFamily boot camp taking place in Orlando May 1st-3rd.  You can access this discount by going to https://rodsbootcamp.com and entering the code "RPOA"

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