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EP057 Taking Total Control of Yourself in order to Take Total Control of Your Rentals with Mr. Landlord, Jeffrey Taylor

35 years ago, Jeffrey Taylor and his wife became accidental landlords.  But they had no way of knowing that long ago, that the mistakes they were making and the challenges they were facing, would someday go on to inspire tens-of-thousands of real estate investors and landlords across the country.

Today you will find out how Jeffrey Taylor transitioned from being a full-time school teacher into Mr. Landlord, a highly sought-after speaker, trainer and author who has spent the past 32 years teaching landlords how to treat rental property as a business, increase their cash flow, and reduce their headaches along the way.

Jeffrey is going to share actionable tips from his "Take Total Control Program" that includes his non-traditional ideas on how to increase your tenant's satisfaction and create more freedom for you as a rental property owner.

But wait, there's more... Because Jeffrey will be speaking at the RPOA's Annual Conference on February 25th, 2017 at the Devos Place in Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I highly recommend that you go to www.rpoaonline.org to register for your FREE admission.

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