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EP282 How to Become Financially Free by Holding Forever with Jonathan Barr

My guest today believes that Holding Forever is the best way to become Financially Free.

Jonathan Barr grew up in a real estate family and started investing after the Great Recession.  He’s completed Higher-End Single Family Flips, Ground Up Developments, and Multi-Family Repositions with his brother through their company JB2 Investments.

Today we’re also going to talk about Fix & Flipping V.S. Multi-Family and Jonathan’s investment strategy that has generated over 22 Million in profits with an average yearly return of 38%.  We’re also going to discuss the tax ramifications of both strategies, including cost segregation reports, depreciation, and the “Real Estate Professional” status.

Jonathan will also share details on the townhome development project he initiated in Los Angeles, and how it’s taken over five years to break ground.  We’ll discuss the 1031 exchange he completed by selling a Los Angeles duplex in order to buy a 14-Unit in Kansas City, and another recent 1031 exchange where he acquired a 72-Unit during the Pandemic.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode, and I know you’re going to benefit from the experiences Jonathan has had along the way.  You can contact Jonathan on twitter: JB2Investments,

website: https://www.jb2investments.com

and ebook “The Tax Stack Strategy”, which is available for free at https://www.jb2investments.com/lower

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