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EP202 Investing Passively in Multifamily & Apartments with Randy Langenderfer

My guest today is focused exclusively on investing in Multifamily & Apartments.  With his partners he's invested in 11 different properties with over 2,300 units.

But Randy Langenderfer wasn't always a Multifamily investor.  He got his start in Real Estate Investing by House Hacking his first duplex before becoming a Hard Money Lender.

Today we're going to discuss how & why Randy made the leap to Apartments, and how he managed to grow his portfolio so quickly.  Randy is also going to share his experiences investing passively, both good & bad, as well as the common denominators he's seen in his successful partners and the importance of transparent communication.

If you've ever wanted to partner with someone else, or invest in someone else's deal, then you'll want to hear what Randy has to say.  Randy can be reached by email at randy.langenderfer@invest-ark.com

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