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EP155 From Apartment Syndication to Purchasing Distressed Mortgages with Adam Adams

My guest today is an experienced buyer of Non-Performing Notes who got his start investing in Multifamily and Syndicating Apartment opportunities.  Adam Adams' first deal was an 11-unit apartment complex, and he has bought and sold over 500 units.  Currently he's a net-seller.

Adam jumped into buying Non-Performing Notes by buying a pool (multiple notes) for just under $1 Million.  We're going to discuss that pool today, and Adam will share how he was able to profit while helping home-owners stay in their homes.

There's a lot of pitfalls and mistakes that you can encounter when purchasing notes, and Adam has some very helpful advice and warnings on what to avoid, as well as the dangers he sees in today's market.  We also discuss the unintended consequences of the Dodd Frank Act, and how its impacting people's ability to purchase a home.

Adam has a lot of great wisdom to share, and listening to this episode will help you avoid the Crying Game - which is what happens when you purchase notes the wrong way.  Adam is also a pipedrive CRM software expert, and you can watch his tutorials and learn more about his business at his website:


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