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EP277 Sophisticated Strategies for Deferring Your Real Estate Profits with Brandon Bruckman

We’ve talked about 1031 exchanges on this show before, and today we’re going to go into more detail on how real estate investors can use this and other tools to legally defer taxes on profits.

Brandon Bruckman is an Advisor with Insight Real Estate Partners which helps real estate investors, farmers and business owners sell and reinvest their profits, while legally avoiding taxes through 1031 exchanges, Delaware Statutory Trust, Tenant-In-Common, Opportunity Zone Funds, Triple Net Lease and private real estate deals for passive investors.

Brandon is also an RPOA member and teaches our course on 1031 Exchanges.

If you’re considering selling an investment property or business you definitely want to listen to Brandon’s breakdown of your options.  We’ll discuss the reasons why you might consider a DST, TIC, OZ, NNN, and why they might not work for your situation.  Brandon also explains how Insight Real Estate Partners can hold your hand through the process and give you options you might not be aware of.

You can contact Brandon through his website:  https://www.insight1031.com

or email:  brandon@insight1031.com.

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