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EP142 Starting Small with 16 Units and the Importance of Mentorship with Scott Pollmann

Scott Pollmann read the Purple Book, played the Cash Flow Board Game, paid for the Rich Dad Training, and set off to buy his first Real Estate Investment.  Most people would start with a Single Family or Duplex, but Scott managed to find, negotiate and acquire a 16-unit for his first deal.

Today Scott tells us how he made this happen and the lessons he's learned along the way.  We'll talk about the value of the training he paid for, how it helped him pinpoint his offer price on the 16-unit, and how it prepared him to add value once he closed.

Scott is also a High School Science teacher and has begun sharing his knowledge of Real Estate Investing with his students.  He's also learning from them.  One of his students used Robert Kiyosaki's lessons to invest in pigs!  Scott also has a strong belief in the value of mentoring and the changes it can bring into people's lives.

This is a great episode for new and experienced investors to enjoy.  You can contact Scott by email: Scott@10talentsllc.com

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