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EP144 Managing Multifamily in Multiple Markets Remotely with Kenny Wolfe

Kenny Wolfe started his Multifamily and Apartment portfolio with a 76-Unit deal, and he's built that up to over 2,400 units in multiple markets.  Kenny also invests in Triple and Double Net Commercial "Dollar" Stores, and has created a fund to do Hard Money Loans.

Kenny is the President of Wolfe Investments, and today he shares his wealth of experience and information as we discuss how he was able to build his portfolio remotely, how he had to fire several management companies along the way, and the value-add strategies he employed to increase the value of his properties.

We also discuss his recent acquisition of a property management company and how he's using it to position himself for the next market downturn.  Kenny also talks about the systems and software he's employed in his business, the strategy behind investing in NN and NNN Commercial Dollar Stores, and the trouble he's been noticing in the Hard Money Lending space.

I know you're going to get a lot of great information from this episode.  Kenny is also the author of "Investing In The Dream: How to Acquire Multi-Family Real Estate and Attain Total Financial Freedom" available at amazon.com, and you can contact him through his website:


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