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EP234 How to Increase Your Profits by Getting Control Over Your Utility Expenses with Scott Ringlein

One of the best ways to increase your net operating income and cashflow is to get control over your utility expenses.  Whether it’s through improving your existing systems and mechanicals, adding renewable sources such as solar panels, or installing water saving aerators to your faucets, there are many ways you can improve the energy efficiency of your properties.

However, this does require an investment of time and money. If you don’t have the funds to make this investment, you may be missing out on a huge profit opportunity.

Today we’re going to be discussing some of the energy efficient and cost-saving changes you can make to your investment property and the different types of programs and loans available that will cover the costs.

With us today is Scott Ringlein, the founder and CEO of The Energy Alliance Group of North America, who’s mission is to develop and deploy innovative solutions to energy, waste, and environmental challenges through the combination of technical and financial solutions.  Scott will be sharing his knowledge on funding sources and grants available for energy improvements, PACE Financing, Solar Power, and other tips that will save you money.

You're definitely going to want to check out this episode and will likely benefit from Scott's information.  Scott can be reached through his website:  https://energyalliancegroup.org

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