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EP312 The Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful Rehab Project with Van Sturgeon

One of the biggest challenges both new and seasoned investors encounter in rental property investing is completing a successful rehab project. There are many ways a project can go wrong and blow your budget.

My guest today is going to talk us through the do’s and don’ts of a successful rehab and share tips on how to save money on renovations.

Van Sturgeon is an experienced entrepreneur, developer, general contractor, and rehabber who owns over 1,000 properties across North America. He’s passionate about helping homeowners and investors overcome their fears of house renovations and he loves to help people reach their goals.

Today, Van is going to share the improvements he makes that have the highest return on investment, how to find and negotiate with trusted contractors, and why you need to have a payment schedule and a plan in place before you begin. Van will also take us through a recent rehab project on a multifamily property where he invested $15,000 per door in improvements to double his rental income.

I know you’re going to get a lot of valuable information out of today’s conversation. You can find out more about Van’s rehab tips through his website: https://vansturgeon.com

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