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EP244 Should You Invest in Hiring a Virtual Assistant? with Amy Ransdell

One of the things I’m trying to accomplish during this Coronavirus Pandemic is systematizing and streamlining my business in order to become a leaner and more efficient real estate investor in this new and uncertain economy.

One of the ways I’d like to do that, but I don’t really understand it or know how to execute on it, is through the use of Virtual Assistants. How do I find the right fit and in what ways can they make my business even more successful?

That’s why I’m looking forward to our conversation with Amy Ransdell today.  Amy is the CMO for virtual assistant provider REVA Global and lead generation company Deal-Dialers.  She also runs an investment team and brokerage sales team in Marietta Georgia and has been buying, renovating, and wholesaling homes for over 18 years. 

Amy’s deepest passion is to empower people to grow their investment skills and entrepreneurial fortitude, and today she’s going to help us do that by sharing how we can best utilize virtual assistants.

Amy is going to explain the mindset that VA’s are an investment and not an expense, the DISC personality profiling she puts her VA’s through, and the process investor’s need to follow to determine if hiring a VA is right for them.

I know you’re going to enjoy this conversation with Amy. If you’ve never considered hiring a VA you’ll definitely be considering it after listening to this episode.

Amy can be contacted through email @ amy@revaglobal.com or https://revaglobal.com

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