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EP099 Tax Lien Investing and Finding Distressed Properties with Hunter Carlile

At the age of 44, Hunter Carlile lost his corporate job and had to figure out how he would support his wife and three kids.  That was over four years ago, and in that time Hunter has bought/sold or rented over 200 houses!  And he's done it primarily through tax lien investing.

Today Hunter shares his tax lien and investing strategies.  We'll talk about how he finds distressed properties, fixes them up, and either sells or holds as rentals.  We'll also discuss the in's & out's of tax lien investing and the pitfalls investors need to be aware of.

Hunter also talks about his experiences using direct mail to find motivated sellers of distressed properties, why you should always avoid lender escrows for taxes and insurance, and how he relates to & works with home owners who find themselves in foreclosure.

Hunter has also developed software that tax lien investors can use to simplify the process, and he's a coach and trainer as well.  You can find out more by going to his website or contacting him through email:



Enjoy the show!

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