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EP293 Prescribing Real Estate to Doctors and other High-Net Worth Passive Investors with Masaki Oishi

If you’re in the business of syndication and raising money from high-net worth investors, it’s good to know where to find your ideal investor.  One of the worst-kept secrets is that doctors and dentists fall into this category, and you need to know how best to approach them with your opportunities.

My guest today is a Neurosurgeon out of Houston, Texas who just released a book called “Prescribing Real Estate: A Doctor’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate”

Masaki Oishi is a Medical Doctor, and Ph.D and the founder of MarketSpace Capital who specializes in introducing medical professionals to the commercial real estate investment world.

Today, Masaki is going to help us understand the mindset of a busy medical professional and how he applies transparency and data to get them excited about his opportunities.  We’ll also discuss the types of commercial assets he acquires and the typical returns he targets.

You can contact Masaki through www.marketspacecapital.com or social media.

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