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EP316 The Sophisticated Value Chain for Sourcing, Asset Managing, and Liquidating Multifamily and Apartment Assets with Omar Khan

My guest today has over 10 years of global investing experience and is the founder of Boardwalk Wealth with over 1,100 units under management and over 2,000 units bought and sold.

Omar Khan is responsible for capital raising, strategic planning, and investor relations while focusing on acquiring value-add multifamily and apartments across the southeast. 

Today, Omar is going to share his high-level perspective on the three phases of apartment investing: sourcing deals, asset management, and liquidation events.

You’ll learn how Omar talks the right "language" with brokers and uses specific phrasing to indicate that he’s someone who can follow through on an acquisition. 

You’ll also learn the systems he has in place to provide benchmarks and goals for his teams to add value to his investments. And you’ll learn several key differentiators Omar uses when it comes to profiting from a cash-out refinance or sale.

You’re definitely going to benefit from the sophisticated strategies and processes Omar shares during today’s conversation. You can find out more about Omar through email or his website:



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