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EP184 Raising Money from the Ultra-Wealthy and How To Pitch Your Opportunity to a Centimillionaire with Richard Wilson

Today we're going to talk about Raising Capital from a source that we typically don't consider when putting together the equity for our investment opportunities.  We've discussed syndication and raising funds from high net-worth accredited investors, but what about the Ultra-Wealthy - those with over $30 Million in net worth?

My guest today is Richard Wilson, the Founder & CEO of Family Office Club, and he is going to help us understand what the Ultra-Wealthy look for when investing their capital, and the top 6 headaches of Family Offices worth over $100 Million.  He'll also reveal how you might be able to help them while funding your own opportunities.

Richard also shares what he teaches investors about coming up with their 'one-line pitch', why its better to be 'long-term greedy' and create lasting relationships with family offices, what a typical deal structure might look like, and what not to do when pitching to the Ultra-Wealthy.

Richard is also the author of "Centimillionaire Migraines", as well as other books on Family Offices.  He runs the largest community of family offices globally called "The Family Office Club", with over 1,750 registered family offices, and hosts the "Family Office Podcast".

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