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EP275 Teaming Up to Rehab and Restore Downtown Duplexes with Mark Roys and Katie Lovley

When you are beginning down the real estate investing path, one of the first things you have to decide is whether you’re going to go it alone or bring in a partner.  Today we’re going to talk with two talented investors who decided to combine their strengths in order to encounter the ups and downs of rental rehab together.

Mark Roys is a retired Navy Civil Engineer Corps officer who served 20 years in over a dozen locations around the world, he’s also been involved in commercial construction and software development.

Katie Lovley is a Real Estate Professional with Bradley Company specializing in Commercial Real Estate and Residential Rentals.

Together Mark and Katie have created WSB Properties right here in Grand Rapids Michigan where they purchased their first dilapidated 2-unit in 2018 and have since developed a portfolio of rental units using creative financing and a lot of sweat equity.

Today Mark and Katie are going to share the story on how they decided to team up, the late nights and weekends spent on their first rehab, how they came close to running out of money, why they brought in investors, and the creative arrangement they struck with a next-door homeowner who wanted them to rehab his property as well.

I know you’re going to get a lot of great information out of this conversation with Mark and Katie.  You can contact them through email at wsbpropertiesllc@gmail.com

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