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EP118 Everyone Told Me Not to Buy That Property: Buying Single Family Homes at Sheriff's Sale and Ignoring Well-Meaning Advice with Salman Chaudhry

Salman Chaudhry didn't expect to buy his first rental property at the first Sheriff's Sale he ever attended...but he did.  Salman was also warned against investing in another property he had his eye on...and he bought it anyway.  Now Salman owns thirteen Single-Family Homes in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and he's ready to share how his investments have turned out.

Today Salman discusses the uncertain road he traveled at the beginning of his investing career, his recent move to Houston, Texas and the 10,000 Square Foot industrial warehouse he purchased, as well as the mistakes he made in not doing enough due diligence on several of his investments.

Salman also talks about his goal of investing in apartment buildings, and whether he's finding opportunities in the Houston area.

Salman is the Chief Operating Officer of Teezin Wealth Management and can be reached by email:



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