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EP062 How Buying Cheap can lead to Big Profits or Big Losses in Single Family and Apartment Investing, Creative Financing and Lines of Credit, and the Tale of the Exploding, Boiling Toilets with Steve Ferris

With over 20 years of experience buying, managing, and profiting from Single Family and Apartment rentals, Steve Ferris has certainly had his share of up's & downs.

Today Steve shares the lessons he's learned about hiring professional management, flipping his first house, creative financing and lines of credit, and why buying a bargain does not always lead to big profits.

Steve is a Single Family and Apartment investor in Grand Rapids and Muskegon, Michigan.  His first acquisition was in 1995, and his portfolio grew quickly enough to allow him to quit his day job.  Steve is still actively acquiring rentals in Muskegon, and during our conversation he shares the numbers and returns he's been able to achieve.

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