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EP227 How He’s Achieving Financial Freedom through Student Housing Investing in California with Ryan Chaw

Do you know what your financial freedom number is? The answer is the amount of passive income you’d need to achieve in order to cover all of your expenses and replace your job income.  When you ask most people what their financial freedom number is, the most common answer is $10,000 a month in passive income.

Well today we’re going to talk to someone who has achieved that number.  Ryan Chaw is a single-family home investor who has managed to create a six-figure rental portfolio in California where most houses are overpriced and cash flow is limited.  Today he’s going to share his strategy for managing 4 single family homes himself while still working his full-time job.  We’re also going to discuss important tips on preventing high-cost emergency repairs along with Ryan’s system on super targeted marketing. 

Ryan is fast becoming an expert on converting traditional home rentals into multi-bedroom student housing.  I know you’re going to appreciate learning more about the tools he’s using to manage remotely, ensure on-time rent payments, and market through Facebook.  Ryan can be reached through his website: www.newbierealestateinvesting.com


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