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EP212 The Secrets of Raising Private Money, with John Burley

My guest today has over 35 years of investing experience, and he’s personally completed more than 2,000 real estate deals, making hundreds of millions of dollars.  He’s a dealmaker, teacher, and walks the talk.

And today, John Burley will be sharing some of his secrets of how he uses other people’s money to do his deals, and how you too, can become an expert in raising private money.

John is going to be a featured speaker at the 2020 Michigan Landlord & Real Estate Investor Annual Conference & Expo in Grand Rapids, Michigan next month,  February 27th, through 29th.  Go to rpoaonline.org to find out more.

John will reveal The Secrets of Raising Private Money, and the seven simple steps anyone can follow to get money in your pocket now.  You’ll learn how to get paid up front, during, and at the end of the deal, and you’ll also learn techniques to help you take control of your financial future using real estate!

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