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EP357 How He Works Directly With Sellers to Come Up With Creative Deal Structure & Financing Strategies With Derek Dombeck

For the past 20 years my guest has been mastering negotiation techniques both on the phone and at the kitchen table. Creative deal structuring, including options, subject to purchases, lease options and seller financing are what excite him.

Derek Dombeck has been involved in thousands of transactions and has a knack for putting together creative deal structures and financing solutions that will help you think differently about the deals you might be working on. Now, or in the future.

Today, Derek takes us through multiple examples of the deals he’s structured and the conversations he’s had with sellers. You’ll learn why he avoids going through realtors, brokers and banks, and prefers to work directly with the seller and his own financial partners.

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Email: derek@bestreifunding.com

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