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EP315 How She Leveraged Her Time, Skill Set, and Funding to Grow Her Portfolio From Rehabs & Flips to Multifamily Rentals with Andresa Guidelli

My guest today is a skilled developer and asset manager with extensive experience in full gut renovation projects, new construction, and commercial development. She owns a rental portfolio comprised of long- and short-term rentals and is the go-to person when it comes to implementing processes that allow for scalability.

Andresa Guidelli is the co-founder and CEO of The Real Estate InvestHER community, co-host of The Real Estate InvestHER Show, and co-author of “The Only Women in the Room: Knowledge and Inspiration from 20 Women Real Estate Investors”.

Today Andresa shares her early sales experience and how the techniques she learned help seed her entry into real estate investing and her first 15 rehab projects. You’ll learn how she leverages her time, skill set, and funding in order to grow her portfolio to include larger multifamily and apartments.

Andressa also shares what its like to be a woman real estate investor and the misperceptions she’s had to confront. She’ll share the common hurdles women face, as well as the assets they bring to the table.

I know you’re going to enjoy this conversation with Andresa. You can find out more about her at https://www.therealestateinvesther.com

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