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EP016 Finding and Negotiating Off-Market Real Estate Deals, Direct Marketing for Multi-Units & Apartments with Ken Jenkins

Discovering Off-Market Real Estate opportunities that cash flow and offer great upside potential is like finding the Holy Grail for Real Estate Investors.  Today I talk with someone who's managed to do this twice since he began three years ago.

Ken Jenkins is an investor from the Plymouth/Canton area just outside of Detroit, Michigan, and he has had great success in finding multi-unit properties through direct marketing, negotiating for the best deal possible, and creating value by improving the property and raising rents.

We will discuss how he began as an investor, then he will take us step-by-step through his process of finding, negotiating and asset managing an 8-unit and duplex in Plymouth, Michigan.  Be ready to take notes, because Ken will be delivering you a master class in Real Estate Investing!

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