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EP284 Mobile Home Park Investing Update with Brian Spear

Mobile Home Park Investing has been a hot asset class over the past five years, and we’ve certainly talked about it on this show.  But what kind of opportunities are really available to investors right now, and how has the increased competition from institutional buyers and effects of the pandemic affected the opportunities in this space?

My guest today is here to give us an update on the state of Mobile Home Park Investing.  Brian Spear is a founder of Sunrise Capital Investors which specializes in acquiring deals in off-market, direct-to-owner transactions.  He’s also the co-host of the Mobile Home Park Investing podcast.

Today Brian is going to share with us the trajectory that led him to investing in real estate, and the systems and tools he’s using to not only build a world-class mobile home park portfolio, but to manage it as well.  You’ll learn the meaning of “Prep-ortunity”, and how Brian moved across the country to work with his mentor Kevin Bupp for free.  We’ll also discuss some new investments he’s making in parking lots and parking garages, and why he finds this such an exciting asset class.

I know you’re going to enjoy this conversation with Brian and benefit from the knowledge he brings today.  You can contact him through https://sunrisecapitalinvestors.com/funds/fund-iii/

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