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EP117 When Your Rehab & Flipping Business becomes a Reality TV Show with "Gritty To Pretty" Stars Jeremy Cole and Ramon Huerta

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to star in one of those Fix & Flip Reality TV shows, then you're going to love this episode.

Last year Jeremy Cole and Ramon Huerta shot a pilot episode for a new series called "Gritty To Pretty".  Last month it debuted on the DIY Network, and today they'll share their 'behind-the-scenes' stories and secrets.

You're going to learn how Jeremy and Ramon got comfortable being in front of the camera, how they chose the property to rehab, and why the producers asked them to clean the bathroom before filming began.  You'll also find out what its like working with a real Hollywood tv crew, how it affected their rehab schedule, and what a 'clapper' actually does.

Jeremy and Ramon have been on the show before (Episode #65) and they always provide a fun and interesting conversation.  Soon they'll be learning whether or not their show will get picked up by HGTV, and you can stay informed by checking out their "Property Krawl" facebook page, or Jeremy's website:  www.kzoorestored.com

Enjoy the show!

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