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EP288 Mastering Influence and Persuasion Techniques for Real Estate Success with Todd Toback

The mastery of Influence and Persuasion can be a powerful tool in negotiating with buyers and sellers.  Today we’re going to discuss techniques that will help you achieve that mastery.

My guest today has 19 years of experience acquiring real estate below market value.  He’s flipped over 1,000 Single and Multifamily Residences and has extensive experience in lease negotiation.

Todd Toback is also the creator of the “No Limits Sales System” which focuses on acquiring property directly from sellers while learning the mindset, skills, and habits to make it happen.  His expertise is in teaching others the art of talking to motivated sellers in order to double and quadruple their profits by making a few small tweaks.

And through his coaching program “Next Level Wholesaling” he teaches solopreneurs how to build highly effective teams to create long-term wealth with less expenditure of their time.

Today we discuss Todd’s favorite and most effective techniques he applies in determining whether a seller is motivated, meeting their objections, and helping them arrive at an agreement.  You’ll learn what a stealth mismatch is and how it can reveal your seller’s true motivations, as well as price conditioning and how it can help you negotiate a better price.

Todd shares some great techniques on persuasion and influence in today’s episode.  You can find out more by listening to Todd’s “No Limits Real Estate Investing Podcast” or through his website:  https://nolimitssalessystem.com

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