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EP157 Where to Get More Money to Do More Real Estate Deals with Alan Cowgill

One of the biggest questions real estate investors have is "where can I get More Money to do More deals?".  Or, if you're just starting out, how can you find the funds to do your first deal?

My guest today has the answers.  Alan Cowgill teaches investors around the world how to find Win-Win situations and attract and convert folks into Private Money Lenders to get all the money you need to get deals done.

Alan will discuss how he first stumbled upon the power of using private money, the types of presentations that attract private money, the mistakes he's seen others make, and the SEC rules that must be followed.

Alan will also be one of our featured speakers at the RPOA's Annual Michigan Landlord & Real Estate Investor FREE Conference & Expo which is happening in Grand Rapids, Michigan from February 21 through 23, 2019.  This is the largest Landlord & Real Estate Investor Conference in the Midwest, and you can register for free at:


I know you're going to enjoy listening to my conversation with Alan.  If you're in need of funds to do more deals then this episode is a "Must-Listen".


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