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EP175 Owning & Managing Student Housing Rental Property with Jared Behrens

Owning and Managing Student Housing Rental Property can be very rewarding, but it takes a unique approach and strategies that are different from traditional property management.  If you are considering purchasing property for student housing, or you currently own & manage student housing, then you'll definitely want to hear the best practices and advice from our guest today.

Jared Behrens is the General Manager at American Realty Property Management, which specializes in managing A-class single family rentals and student housing in the West Michigan area.  They currently manage over 325 units for 60 different owners.

Jared is going to share his tips on leasing to students and managing their expectations, along with their parent's expectations.  We're going to discuss which months you have to be prepared to move all your students in & out of the units, as well as when you must have them leased by.

You'll learn why Jared advises having the students sign a 'jointly and severally liable' lease, and what type of properties and bedroom/bathroom configurations work best for students.

There's a ton of great advice packed into this episode.  You can contact Jared through his email, website, phone, Twitter, or Instagram:


Email: jaredb@american-Realty.net
Phone: 616.913.9004
Twitter: @jaredbeh
Instagram: @jared315



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