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EP102 How Savvy Real Estate Investors use Self-Directed IRA's to increase the Value of their Retirement Plan with Edwin Kelly

Many Real Estate Investors have heard that they can save big money on taxes and increase the value of their retirement funds by investing in real estate using a Self-Directed IRA, but they still haven't taken the steps necessary to make it happen.

On today's episode we talk with Edwin Kelly, one of the nation's top experts on Self-Directed Retirement accounts to learn why they're such a great tool & vehicle for building legacy wealth.  Edwin also share's his Triple-D, three-step process: DECIDE that you want one and set it up properly, DEPOSIT the money you'll need to work with, and DIRECT that money into the investment vehicle of your choice.

Edwin does a great job of simplifying the process in a way that might finally get you to take action.  He also shares stories of his clients who have used SDIRA's to eliminate their credit card debt, shield their wholesaling income from earned income tax, and created thousands of dollars in monthly retirement income off of an initial $4,000 investment.

We also bring the conversation to a higher level when Edwin answers my questions about investing in syndications through SDIRA's and the consequences of UBIT and UDFI taxation on leveraged investments.

I know you'll get a lot of great, action-able information from this conversation.  Edwin will also be a featured speaker at the RPOA's Annual Real Estate Investors FREE Conference and Expo, which is taking place February 22 - 24, 2018 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

You can go to rpoaonline.org to register for FREE!

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