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EP360 How to 3X Your BRRRR Returns By Implementing a Co-Living Strategy with Brian Grimes

My guest today has a prestigious Ivy League education and high net worth asset management background with Bridgewater Advisors. But in 2015 he left all that behind to launch his own real estate development company in his hometown of Philadelphia. Since then, he’s renovated over 300 rental properties across the country using the BRRRR strategy.

Brian Grimes is also the founder of 24/7 Cash Flow University where he teaches students to full-gut renovate, acquire, and stabilize cash flowing rental property portfolios while revitalizing class C neighborhoods. 

He’s also come up with a strategy that has 3X’d his cashflow and he’s going to share it with us today. It involves co-living, and Brian is going to get specific about what he does to his properties to make this a successful strategy.

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