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EP103 **UPDATE** Transitioning from a Corporate Job to Full-On Real Estate Investing, Embracing BRRRR, Avoiding Corndogs, Renting to Prostitutes, and watching your property go up in flames with Paul Leason and Jacques Cyr

** My apologies to Jacques and Paul.  When I uploaded their episode there was a technical issue that only allowed the first 20 minutes to be heard.  Now that the issue has been fixed, you can enjoy the full episode! **


Not too long ago, Paul Leason and Jacques Cyr left the corporate world to become full-time real estate investors and real estate agents.  Today they share their experiences with us, as well as the up's & down's they've encountered along the way.

We'll be talking about thieving contractors, renting to prostitutes, getting raided for corndogs (yes, we'll explain), red flags to look for when screening tenants, and watching your property go up in flames!  Through all their challenges, Paul and Jacques have managed to find success by watching the numbers and following the data.

Jacques also explains the meaning of BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refi, Repeat) and how he's applied those methods in order to force appreciation on his investment properties.

Paul shares his experiences with the Grand Rapids Rental Rehab and "Get the Lead Out" programs, and how he's used them to pay for his rehabs.

I know you'll enjoy this episode.  Both Paul & Jacques are Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate Agents, and work with all types of investors, including out-of-town buyers, to find rental property.  You can contact them through email or their websites:




Jacques phone # 617-775-9352

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