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EP300 Special 300th Episode! Their Journey to Passive Income - From Flipping and Rehabbing to Multifamily and Airbnb Rentals with Jeremy and Melanie Garcia.

Hello and welcome to episode #300!  This is a big number for us here on the Rental Property Owner and Real Estate Investor Show, and I want to thank all of you for being such an incredible and receptive audience.

To celebrate, I thought we’d invite back two early guests, so we can check in with them to see how their investing has progressed over the years, and how joining professional organizations like the RPOA have catapulted their investing strategies into new and more lucrative asset classes.

When we first talked with Jeremy and Melanie Garcia on episode #125, they were just getting started through house-hacking, flipping, and rehabbing in Muskegon, Michigan.  That was three years ago, and they now have bought and sold over 65 properties, quit their full-time jobs, and entered into the Airbnb space. 

Today we’re going to discuss the lessons they’ve learned in scaling their flipping business, why they’ve only worked with hard-money lenders, the aggressive paydown strategies they have to achieve passive cashflow, wraparound mortgages and reverse-engineering their business to achieve the lifestyle they dream of.

We’ll also discuss the multifamily property they recently acquired and the number one thing they did to boost net operating income, as well as their Airbnb strategy and how they differentiate their properties from other short-term rentals.

I know you’re going to enjoy this conversation with Jeremy and Melanie, and gain some tips on how to accelerate your investing business.  You can find out more about them through their website:  www.staymuskegon.com and find out more about the Short Term Rental Association at:  https://www.shorttermrentalassoc.com

Today’s episode is brought to you by Green Property Management, managing everything from single family homes to apartment complexes in the West Michigan area.


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