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EP076 How Losing Millions in the Recession led him to start a Completely Different Style of Property Management Company, with Marty Green

When it comes to Real Estate Investing, Marty Green has had a wild ride.  He made millions of dollars Rehabbing and Flipping Houses, and then lost it all during the Great Recession.  After licking his wounds for about a week, he decided to start his own property management company, and in the process has flipped the traditional property management style upside down.

Today Marty discusses how he took everything he dislikes about traditional property management and created a company that does things very differently.  Marty discusses the philosophy and strategies that align his companies' goals and profit with those of the owners they manage for.

Marty also shares some colorful stories of his early days managing rough properties and the confrontations he's had with past tenants.  He also shares the story of how he was recruited by the Grand Rapids Vice Squad to become an undercover informant in order to rid his properties of criminal characters.

We're also thrilled that Marty's company, Green Property Management, will now be an official sponsor of this podcast!  You can get in touch with Marty, or Green Property Management by website, phone, or email:




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