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EP248 Structuring Successful Commercial Multifamily Investments with John Azar

Today we’re going to talk to someone who has achieved huge success investing in commercial multifamily and apartments.  Recently he’s grown his company’s portfolio from 2,500 units owned & operated to over 6,200 units.  He’s raised money from both institutional and individual investors through syndications and closed-end asset funds.

John Azar is an Executive Vice President and Managing Member of MACC Venture Partners where he directs acquisitions, strategic development, capital management and growth.  In his past roles, John has been a commercial banker in various financial institutions and understands inside & out debt and equity financing as well as deal structure and how to grow successful companies.

Today John is going to explain how he structures his deals, sources his financing, and the types of investors he works with and the returns they expect.  John will also share how his experience as an immigrant to the U.S. has shaped his perspective on success.

I know you’re going to score a wealth of information from today’s conversation.  You can contact John through email or website:  john@maccvp.com or https://maccvp.com

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