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EP233 Shopping Malls, Big Box Stores, and Strip Centers. How His $3 Billion Retail Portfolio is Holding Up in the Age of Amazon and Covid-19, with Chris Ressa

You’re about to hear an incredibly informative conversation I had with Chris Ressa about Commercial Retail investing.  We recorded this on March 11th, just before our country went into lockdown, and as we all know, retail has taken quite a beating over these past months. 

What I’d love for you to do is to listen through this conversation to get a detailed understanding of how retail investing works, and then at the very end you’ll hear my follow-up conversation with Chris that we recorded this past week. Chris is going to update us on how his $3 billion portfolio has survived during the past three months.  Definitely stick around to the end, because you won’t want to miss it!

Every time I drive by a strip mall with a TJ-Maxx, or a ROSS Dress For Less, or a Burlington Coat Factory, I always wonder, “Who owns that property, and what does that investment actually look like?”  Today we’re going to talk about investing in retail. What are the factors that make this a profitable asset class, how do we value it, what are the risk factors, and in the age of amazon.com how will brick & mortar retail hold up in the future?

Luckily, we have an expert with us today to answer these questions.  Chris Ressa is the Chief Operating Officer of DLC Management where he oversees an asset portfolio of $3 billion dollars and 18 million sq. ft. of retail space in 24 states.  Since its founding in 1991, DLC has been one of the nation’s preeminent owners, operators and managers of shopping centers across the country.

Chris has been recognized by Chain Store Age and made their list of “10 Under 40: The Dazzling Dozen”.  He also hosts the “Retail Retold podcast”.  You can find out more about him through linkedin #RessaOnRealEstate, or by going to www.dlcmgmt.com

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