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EP124 Get That Property Out of Your Name and Other Asset Protection Advice from Scott Smith

Statistics tell us that one-in-four Americans will be sued in their lifetime, and Real Estate Investors are targeted even more frequently.  So what can we do as investors to protect ourselves and our investments?

Our guest today, Scott Smith, is an Asset Protection Specialist and owner of Royal Legal Solutions, which provides business, tax and legal solutions geared exclusively toward real estate investors.  Scott is going share his asset protection strategies, as well as stories from the front-lines of the legal system.

Scott will share his advice on why you shouldn't hold your property in your personal name, using trusts to shield your assets, traditional v.s. series LLCs, the importance of accurate accounting and how to avoid piercing the corporate veil.

Scott will also tell us why insurance is not a substitute for asset protection and has a $4 million dollar horror story to prove it.

If you own rental property you need to protect yourself and your investment.  This conversation is a great place to start.

Scott can be contacted through his website, email & phone #:




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