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EP027 Creating Your Lifestyle Through Rental Real Estate with David Kirchgessner - Investor, Realtor & Lead Singer of Popular Ska Punk Band Mustard Plug

I know you're going to enjoy my interview today with David Kirchgessner.  Dave is a successful investor and realtor, who also happens to be the lead singer of the popular ska punk band Mustard Plug.  It's Mustard Plug's song "Mr. Smiley" that you hear at the beginning & end of every podcast episode.

Dave shares with us how he's been able to create and support his lifestyle through real estate investing, which he realized in his early 20's was the only way he'd be able to support himself while he pursued his music career.

Dave also talks about the investments in Single Family and Two Family homes he's made and shares details on purchasing, rehabbing and managing them.  We also discuss a building development that Dave bought with some friends that didn't go as planned, and a new investment in Northern Michigan that he almost bought sight unseen.

Dave is also a realtor with Greenridge Realty, and will give us his perspective on the current market and the trends he's seeing as a real estate 'insider'.

You can contact Dave through his email at:


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