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EP208 How He Transitioned from Professional Sports Star to Real Estate Entrepreneur, with Mikey Taylor

Mikey Taylor was one of the most recognizable Pro-Skateboarders on the Planet.  In his two decades of professional skateboarding he had lucrative sponsorship contracts, merchandise, and seven pro-model shoes.  So why would he leave all that behind to become a real estate investor?

Today we're going to find out how professional sports prepared him to become an entrepreneur and principal at Commune Capital where he's committed to assisting the next generation define the New American Dream.

Mikey is going to share how early on his parents provided for his financial education by introducing him to a key mentor.  You'll also learn how his successful shoe line(s) prepared him for post-sports success, and how professional sports can push one to the brink of destruction and quite often leaves them unprepared for the aftermath.

We'll also go into detail on the type of real estate investing Mikey has been doing, as well as the fund he's created to increase his investing momentum.  It's always fascinating to talk with someone who has been at the top of their game in one world, and is now playing at the same level in the real estate world.  I know you're going to enjoy this episode, and it's the perfect way to start off the New Year. 

You can contact Mikey by email: mikey@communecapital.com

Or through the web: https://communecapital.com

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