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EP256 How To Pay Full Asking Price and Still Make a Huge Profit by Understanding Seller Psychology with Eddie Speed

Anyone who has spent time researching notes and seller financing is going to be familiar with today’s guest.  Over the past 40 years he has purchased more than 40,000 notes and his NoteSchool executive team has bought 3.5 billion dollars in notes.  He’s an esteemed teacher of all aspects of real estate notes, won many industry awards and is an inaugural inductee into the Small Balance Real Estate Hall of Fame.

Of course, I’m talking about Eddie Speed, and I’m excited to finally have the chance to talk with him.  At his core, Eddie is a problem solver who is skilled at finding opportunity in the challenges most investors aren’t able to solve.  In finding those creative solutions, Eddie is able to achieve exponential profits.  Over the past decade he has helped countless investors expand their portfolios by the millions using his out-of-the-box techniques --- and today he’s going to share a new strategy that he’s teaching & using himself to make huge profits.

Eddie’s going to discuss the creative ways he’s discovered to negotiate and buy on terms.  You’ll be learning insight into seller psychology and why they’re so hung up on ‘getting their price’ or a certain interest rate, and how you can use those needs to your advantage.  We’ll also discuss the mistakes sellers make when creating a note, and how and why they might eventually sell that note back to the original buyer.

Eddie’s examples and experience will definitely expand your mind as to what is possible when making an offer.  You definitely don’t want to miss this episode.

You can download Eddie’s new book and find out more about his business by going to https://new.noteschool.com/moneyball-getstarted/

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