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EP084 Meet the Couple from England who Built a 57-Unit Portfolio in Kalamazoo with Bill and Jackie Howson

Bill and Jackie Howson have achieved what many Real Estate Investors dream of - They've built a 57 Unit portfolio, weathered the loss of his job, and achieved financial security through Real Estate Investing.  But best of all, they've done it together.

Today we discuss how their unique talents and skills compliment each other, and share some funny stories of the arguments they've had along the way.  Bill is the researcher and constant learner, who enjoys the due diligence and acquisition phase.  Jackie is the designer and rehabber, who has earned her respect in a male-dominated industry.

Bill and Jackie also share their management philosophies, and tell why they no longer accept residents who have evictions in their past.  They also talk language differences, and how they've had to learn the American meaning of 'yard', 'electrical socket', 'tub', and 'faucet'.

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