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EP153 How He Quit His Job and Built a $65 Million Multifamily Portfolio Buying Off-Market Properties with James Kandasamy

James Kandasamy has built an impressive portfolio of Value-Add Multifamily and Apartment Properties in San Antonio Texas.  He currently controls over 1,000 units worth $65 Million and oversees the management and construction through his company Achieve Investment Group.

Today James tells us how he did it:  why & how he transitioned from purchasing single-family homes through the BRRR strategy to investing in multifamily, how he identified and acquired value-add properties, and how he bypassed the brokers by going to the sellers directly through direct marketing.

James also discusses the thought process he went through before quitting his full-time job.  He and his wife didn't just want to replace their income with cash flow, they wanted to 2X or 3X their income.

James is also the author of a soon-to-be released book for passive investors - "Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate: An Insider's Secret to Financial Independence" which will be available on amazon.com

This is a great episode for anyone willing to think 'bigger' and take their financial destiny into their own hands.  You can contact James through his website or email:




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