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EP243 Do You Have What it Takes to Raise Money Through Syndication? with Bruce Petersen

What does it take to raise OPM “Other People’s Money” in order to acquire larger real estate deals than you’d ordinarily be able to do by yourself?  Should you be thinking about raising OPM in order to take your investing business to the Next Level?

According to my guest today, it takes a certain type of person to thrive in syndicating and 40% of the people he’s seen do their first syndication deal never do it again.

That’s why he wrote a book about Syndication and its pitfalls called “Syndicating is a BI#@H: And Other Truths You Haven’t Been Told”. And today Bruce Petersen is here to discuss these truths and help you figure out if syndication is a road you want to travel.

Bruce built his Apt-Guy empire and wealth by syndicating over 1,100 units in real estate, and today he’s going to share his secrets to success. We’ll be discussing the importance of having a mentor or coach, how he raised money for his first syndication without having a track record, and the many challenges and surprises he encountered while syndicating.

Bruce also has some great stories about the dead guy in the pool, failing bathtubs, the uncomfortable conversations he’s had to have with investors, and the $5 Million dollar wire that disappeared and what really happened to it.

I know you’re going to get a lot of great syndication knowledge from today’s conversation.  You can contact Bruce by going to www.apt-guy.com or on Instagram at apt.guy.com or facebook at “the apt guy”.

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