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EP376 Where’s The Money: Creative Financing Options in a High Interest Rate Environment

A year ago, if you wanted to acquire a property there was plenty of money available from lenders at incredibly low interest rates.

Just one year later and lenders have pulled back drastically, and interest rates have doubled.

Those of us looking to get our real estate investments financed are having to accept a new reality that is impacting our cashflow and creating a lot of uncertainty as to whether deals will even pencil out.

Given this new reality, we thought we’d bring three experts from the lending world together to discover – “Where’s the Money?  Creative Financing Options in a High Interest Rate Environment”.

John Burley

John has 40+ years of investing experience, several thousand (personally) completed Real Estate deals, and over Six Hundred Million Dollars Raised.

John wrote the International #1 Best Seller “Money Secrets of the Rich”. He has produced over 100 books and audio programs during his career and was a featured speaker at our Michigan Landlord & Real Estate Investor Conference & Expo on the Secrets of Raising Private Money.

Anna Miller

Anna’s passion is for her clients in helping them find the right solutions to meet their financial needs. She’s been a mortgage loan officer at United Bank of Michigan since 2013 and works with home buyers and investors to make their goals a reality.

Frederic SaintAmour

Former U.S. Army Ranger who now helps real estate investors and business owners of all sizes get the capital they need, when they need it, with the best terms possible.

Fred has been a commercial loan executive with Boathouse Commercial Funding Group since 2010.

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