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EP083 Buying a Dollar General Store V.S. Buying a Multifamily: Differences in Investing in Commercial Office, Retail and Industrial with Marcus & Millichap Senior Associate Michael Cagen

When it comes to buying Commercial Retail, Office or Industrial Investment Property, there's a lot of differences from the Commercial Multifamily and Apartment World.  Here to discuss and compare those differences with us today is Michael Cagen, a Senior Associate with Marcus & Millichap.

Michael and I talk about Single Tenant Net Leases in the Retail space, such as those you might find with a Dollar General store or a Walgreens.  We also discuss the different types of leases you might find in an office building such as Gross, Modified Gross, Single Net, Double Net, Triple Net and Absolute Net, and who pays what expenses under each. 

Michael shares the factors used in valuing these types of commercial properties, such as price and cost per square foot, cap rate, tenant strength, lease duration, and tenant improvements ("TI").  He also shares real-world examples from investments he's brokered.

You'll also get an inside look at how Marcus & Millichap position their client's commercial properties in the market to attract the greatest number of buyers and how that translates to higher purchase prices.  Michael will take us step-by-step through the process of working with sellers and buyers, and what makes a purchase offer stronger than others.

This episode offers an in-depth and fascinating look at the different types of commercial investments.  You can contact Michael by email or phone:


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