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EP219 How will Housing Do in the Next Recession? Mike VanderWoude’s Perspective on the past five recessions, the Corona Virus, and the 4-unit he bought from me.

Are we heading into another recession?  If so, how will it affect housing and real estate prices? Mike VanderWoude doesn’t have a crystal ball to answer that question, but what he does have is historical data from the previous five recessions to help us understand what might happen.  And you’ll probably be as surprised as I was by his answers.

And if you’re wondering what effect the Coronavirus is having on real estate so far, Mike also shares his ‘on-the-ground’ perspective in a quick update at the end of this episode.

Mike is an Associate Broker at Edison Brokers + Co in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He was also a guest on Episode #79 where we discussed his dilapidated & run-down 2-unit that he had purchased and renovated on the West-side of Grand Rapids. It was right next door to a 4-unit that I owned.  Since then, Mike has purchased my 4-unit and he’s going to let us know how its working out.

I believe you’ll find great reassurance from Mike in this episode that, based on historical data, real estate is likely to do okay during these turbulent times.  You’ll also learn the value of ‘controlling the corner’ and playing real life ‘Monopoly’. You can get in touch with Mike by email or phone:



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