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EP191 How He's "Crushing It" in Apartments & Commercial Real Estate with Author, Brian Murray

There are some great books available that can teach you how to invest in Commercial Real Estate, and one of the best of these books was written by today's guest.

Brian Murray is the Best-Selling Author of "Crushing It In Apartments And Commercial Real Estate: How a Small Investor Can Make It BIG".  He's also the Founder & CEO of Washington Street Properties, which owns and operates a large portfolio of assets in upstate New York.  Brian has invested in Apartments, Office Buildings, Retail Centers, Storage, Billboards, Parking, and Mixed Use.

Today Brian is going to share how he was able to build his entire portfolio through the "Value Add" process, without raising any capital from outside investors.  You'll learn what those Value Add strategies are, how Brian negotiates with sellers to acquire Seller Financing, what it was like to transition from his first Office Building to investing in Apartments, and why he sometimes will overpay for the right property.

At one point in his career, Brian was a full-time teacher, and I know you're going to find what he has to say very instructive.  This is a great episode for anyone who is interested in Commercial Real Estate or who wants to build a team of professionals to help them manage their portfolio.

Brian can be reached through Linkedin or Facebook.  His email is brian@washingtonstreetproperties.com, and his book can be purchased on amazon.

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