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EP044 How a Conversation in a Convenience Store Changed Everything, Owning & Managing Single Family Rentals and Buying & Flipping Foreclosures with Andy Wierda

Sometimes a simple conversation can create big changes.  Andy Wierda, my guest today, had that experience when he stopped to buy a beer at a convenience store.  What the woman behind the counter said to him has made a huge difference in his real estate investing career ever since.

Andy is a local investor in Grand Rapids, Michigan and in our conversation today he shares many fun stories about owning and managing single family rentals, buying & flipping foreclosures, problematic tenants, evictions, and the hits & misses along the way.

Andy's also talks about being a hard money lender, how to prevent tenants from ruining your credit, single family rental inspections, affordable housing, and dealing with insurance companies when tragedy strikes.

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