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EP221 Asset Managing Mobile Home Parks Through a Pandemic and Exploring Parking Lot Investing with Kevin Bupp

I hope all of you are safe and healthy.  Here in Michigan we are on lockdown, and wherever you are in the world I hope you’re doing well and taking this coronavirus pandemic seriously.

There is no way to discuss real estate right now without admitting that every asset-class will be impacted heavily.  Today I’m talking with Kevin Bupp about his investments in mobile home parks across the United States to find out how he believes they’ll hold up in this new economic reality.  Kevin is going to share the high-level conversations he’s been having with his team and the processes they’ve put in place to help their residents who suddenly find themselves unable to pay their rent.

We’ll also be discussing Parking Lots as an Asset Class.  Kevin is going to share why they’re such an under-appreciated & over-looked asset, the economics of owning them, and how he’s finding Mom & Pop type operators who are willing to sell them.

Kevin is the Founder & CEO of Sunrise Capital Investors and he has over 16 years of experience and over $100 Million in transactions.  He teaches others how to invest in mobile home parks through his Mobile Home Academy and he also hosts the very popular podcast “The Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast”. 

If you’re looking for a deep dive into the in’s & out’s of mobile home park investing you can listen to my previous conversation with Kevin on episode #181 of this show.  You can find out more about Kevin by going to https://www.kevinbupp.com

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