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EP152 A Roller Coaster Ride through the Great Recession, Cutting Your Losses, and Investing in Discounted Mortgages with Kyle Zimpleman

Kyle Zimpleman has a really great story to tell about his roller-coaster ride through the Great Recession - how he began investing in single & multifamily properties, why he got rid of them too soon, and the emotions he experienced during the ups and down's of the recessionary market cycle.

Today Kyle is the President & CEO of Expand Capital Group which purchases discounted mortgages throughout the U.S.  On this episode Kyle is going to share his stories of the great investments he made in single and multifamily properties, and why he had to let them go during the Great Recession.  What you'll find particularly interesting is Kyle's take on the emotions he encountered as he rode the market cycle, from Optimism to Euphoria as the market reached it's height, to Anxiety and Despondence as it crashed to it's lows.  Kyle has been through all of it and come out much stronger as a result.

Kyle is also investing in performing and non-performing notes.  We discuss the discounts he's finding on these mortgages and the ways he's profiting from them.  Kyle explains how discounted mortgages work and shares stories from his conversations with home-owners who he's helped stay in their homes by renegotiating their mortgages.

Kyle has a lot of great experience to share and I know you're going to enjoy hearing his story.  You can contact Kyle by email, phone or website:




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