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RPOA Coronavirus Update: What You Can & Can’t Do to Manage Your Rental Properties

Hello everybody.  I hope you’re all safe & healthy and maintaining your sanity in this Coronavirus world we now find ourselves in.

If you’re a rental property owner or investor, you might have some questions about the State of Michigan's Executive Order to stay in place and what this means to you.  We still have tenants to take care of, buildings to maintain, units to fill, and bills to pay.  It’s not always clear which of those activities are considered essential, and which ones will get us in trouble.

Luckily the Rental Property Owners Association has been in communication with the Governor’s office here in Michigan, and we’re going to clarify what you can and can’t do in this very special episode with Clay Powell, the Director of the RPOA of Michigan and Grand Rapids.

You can access the RPOA’s online courses by going to www.rpoaonline.org

You can also call the RPOA at 616-454-3385

Or email:  contactrpoa@rpoaonline.org

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